About Us

A bit about our origins

Hi! We’re bloom&bumble, a team dedicated to sharing knowledge on plants and bees. We’re passionate about nature and want to show people just how easy it is to care for your own little patch of the planet. With our combined years of experience, we’ve created easy-to-follow care guides for all types of plants and bees. Take a look through our blog – whether you’re a complete newbie or a certified green thumb, we’ve got something to help your greenery (and visiting bees!) thrive.

A couple of large calathea leaves
Large spider plant on a wooden stool in a room

What we do

There’s a lot to learn about plants and bees – who’d have thought? For that reason, we’ve split our guides into easy-to-manage topics and areas that we specialise in, to make sure we’re delivering the best content possible. Take a look below!

Complete plant care guides

Plant specific faqs

bee facts and care guides

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Meet Our Team


Joe Trewick

Founder, Plant Expert

Hi, I’m Joe! I’m the head of SEO and content management at Bloom and Bumble. I’m a huge plant lover and over the years my home has become more like an indoor rainforest. It has taken a lot of trial and error to keep my plants healthy and so I’m here to share my knowledge with the rest of the world.

Caitlin Ryan

Writer, Plant Expert

Hello! I’m Caitlin, a lifelong plant lover and owner. I’ve spent most of my life around plants, from helping my parents with their vegetable patches to slowly transforming my own home into a mini jungle. I love to challenge myself with difficult plants and share what I’ve learned to other budding plant owners.

A white orchid.

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